Infinity Lotion Concentrate 14 I[OUTLET](Exp:Dec/2019)

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A Concentrate Lotion which Supports Skin's Function by Retaining Moisture in 14 Cornified Layers of the Skin, Strengthening your Skin's Suppleness.

Results on Skin

  • Fills the deeper layers of your skin with a high-quality moisture, and grants resilient and supple skin. The results are as if skin has been taken care of with a facial steamer.
  • Creates a glow which comes from within the skin, and provides a feeling of longlasting moisture.


  • I: Fresh and Mellow
  • II: Mellow and Rich

How to Use

  • Use after washing your face.
  • Pump 3 to 4 times onto a cotton pad or onto your palm and apply to your skin by gently patting your face.

Highly Recommended For

  • Those who feel that their skin is dry
  • Those who feel that their skin is rough or hard
  • Those who want their skin to be resilient and glow from within
  • Those who feel that their skin tone is dull