Lip Glowy Balm #Pear

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The lip balm makes the lips look glowy, smooth, and supple as if having coated the lips with a moisturizing film

Perfect for those who have concerns of dry lips in winter or who could not apply matte lipstick due to dead skin cells on the lips!
Lip Glowy Balm provides moisture and makes the lips smooth and supple

Key Points 1
Daily moisture care
A breathing moisture layer coats the lip to maintain moisture all day long and removes dead skin cells on the lips

Key Points 2
Closely wrapping lip fitting
Creates smooth lips without tightness by coating lips with a light and transparent texture

Key Points 3
Revitalized, voluminous look
Achieve plump, supple and voluminous lips with natural revitalizing lip color

Key Points 4
Refreshing fruit scent
Available in four scents: berry, grapefruit, peach, pear