Calming Recovery Mask (5pcs x 25ml)
(1 Box)

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Le Botanical Sebo Balance Emulsion is created for all skin types. Through extensive Research & Development, it is highly acclaimed by expert dermatologist in Singapore.

Product characteristics:

1.Calm and Sooth the skin (Best for sensitive and acne prone skin)
2.Anti-inflammatory to the skin
3.Regulates the skin oil sebum production
4.UV Protection from the sun
5.Protects the skin to prevent further outbreaks
6.Moisturizes the skin, leaving the skin smooth for a number of day
7.Lightens acne scars (Note: over a period of usage)
8.Premium paper used and so lightweight and thin that you do not feel like you are wearing a mask

For All Skin Types
Box set contains 5 pieces of mask

Before: Mask can be used to Calm the sensitive skin before the application of any Acne treatment products. E.g Sebo Balance Emulsion.
After: It can also be used as needed (preferably minimum twice weekly) to regulate oil sebum production to reduce further Acne outbreaks.
For Oily skin folks, pls take note, this is especially effective for you.
For Dry skin folks, you will like the moisturising effect it has on your skin to have that soft feeling that lasts for days.