Sekkisei Snow CC Powder Refill #00

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Melt-on foundation that leads to translucent and bright natural skin. Glides on lightly as though melting onto your skin, providing natural cover for pores and uneven color. Feels exquisite to the touch, enveloping your skin and soul with a finely textured, naturally radiant finish that lasts.

Made with skin-care manufacturing processes. The powder is soaked in a beauty serum pool containing oriental herb extracts to give it a distinctly non-powdery texture. Melts onto your skin like a snowflake landing then dissolving away.

Made with skin-care manufacturing processes so it feels smooth and soft. Packed with as much sheet-shaped powder as possible* for easy application. This creates skin that is exquisitely silky and irresistible the touch.
*Within KOSÉ

Contains Melting Snow Powder for translucence created through radiance and uniformity, and Snow Crystal Powder to control dullness and maximise translucence.

Blocks UV rays, prevents sunburn, and the dark spots and freckles.
Gentle “modern floral” scent, common to all SEKKISEI brand products.
Double-sided sponge with a nap-raised surface for a natural finish, and a sponge surface for better coverage.