BB LABORATORIES Neckline Clear Gel [Exp:Oct/2021] (50g)

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A gel for those who have begun to notice signs of ageing along the neckline.

One of the causes of visible sagging and wrinkles around the neck is a deficiency in essential nutrients,
specifically minerals and amino acids. It is reported that replenishing these minerals and amino acids
improves skin density, tones and softens skin, and smoothens the skin’s surface. Neckline Clear Gel is
formulated with calcium and essential amino acids. Smoothens and refreshes the area around the neck.
In addition, the shape-adhering gel gently lifts and firms along the neckline for youthful-looking skin.
How to Use

How to use
Take a small amount in the palm of the hand and gently massage around the neckline.
* For use on clean skin only. 
  • Once you adapt to the neck and chest for the hand of the "neckline Clear Gel" of large pea-sized, open the left hand to the V-shaped.
  • Under the ear the middle finger, Place your thumbs on the inside of the jaw, palm against so firmly accompany the entire face line and neck, and then push. 
  • Nadeoroshi along the nape of the neck across the palm of the hand, when the middle finger come to the depression of the clavicle, lightly push while exhaling. Even with the right hand ② → ③ the in the same way. ※ Repeat two sets. ※ Please by adding paint a gel When the slip of the hand becomes poor.
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