57°N Birch Water & β-Glucan Barrier Cream(50ml)

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Skin barrier cream that improves broken skin balance and makes a good balance of the skin by Finnish birch water 

(Containing 100ppm of USC1994-PCTM)

✓ Maintaining the oil and water balance by Finnish birch tree water (10,500 ppm)

✓ Refreshing and firming the skin by β-glucan (100ppm) 

✓ Creating healthy skin barrier by liposome triplet ceramide

✓ Revitalizing the skin by original ingredient peptide complex USC1994- PCTM 

✓ Safety formula consists of mild ingredients for healthy skin

1. Rich in amino acids which effectively moistures &nourishes the skin
2. Adenosine moisturizes the skin forming a dense protective film to increase skin vitality.
3. Filled with ceramides that forms skin barrier to retain moisture to protect against irritants & pollution
4. Revitalize skin with peptide complex to maximize skin absorption of the skin.

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