Pearlosophy Pearl & Bird's Nest Radiance Tone-Up Cream (50ml)

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Thin and skin-friendly, repairs and moisturizes the skin. The upper face is light and refreshing, making plain makeup without fear of dullness. Natural without fake white, no powder makeup feeling. Easy-to-melt yogurt texture, dense and moist, even without makeup can have a sense of water and vitality. 

*The effect on the face is physical brightening*

How to Use

Application Tips:

1. Every morning and night, after cleansing and toning, take an appropriate amount of Cream and apply it on the face and neck

2. Apply evenly along the skin texture from in to out


Bird's Nest Essence

Selection of Indonesian Golden Swallow

Obtain high concentration of cosmetic active ingredient - sialic acid with patented technology

Effectively inhibits tyrosinase

Hydrolyzed Pearl

Rich in various amino acids


Inhibits melanin production and tyrosinase activity


Reduce melanin production and precipitation

Promote cell metabolism

Improves skin texture and replenishes skin moisture

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