Pearlosophy Advanced Power Boosting Serum (5mlx4)

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Contains multiple repairing ingredients, German CLR's bifid yeast fermentation product lysate

Effectively repair light-damaged skin; probiotic lactic acid bacteria extract and ectoine repair skin barrier; β-glucan can repair dry skin;

Multi-effects together, hold up an umbrella for the skin. It also contains apple water and hyaluronic acid, small molecules to replenish water, leaving skin elastic and supple.

How to Use

Application Tips:

① Open the bottle cap, remove the cork, and turn the inner core bayonet to position B.

Press the end of the tube and drop an appropriate amount of Serum.

② After use, turn the inner bayonet back to position A.

③ When replacing the replacement inner core, pull out the original inner core, remove the replacement core cover,

Align the inner core mouth with position A and press the inner tube into the tube body.

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