Signs-Up Lifter<br />(40g)


Signs-Up Lifter

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A firming and lifting cream for mature skin, designed to combat the signs of skin loosening. Formulated with SK-II Pitera and 360 Lifting Peptides, Signs Up-Lifter targets the root of sagging by enhancing the binding on skin cells horizontally to keep skin elastic and strengthens the vertical binding of skin layers. The skin is lifted naturally and begains more youthful contours.

How to use

Horizontal action: Works to tighten loose skin: Signs Up-Lifter acts as a "magnet" to enhance skincell binding, tightening them together to keep skin elastic and maintain its shape.
Vertical action: Works to firm facial muscles: Signs Up-Lifter strengthens the binding between skin layers and their connection to facial muscles, allowing them to spring back to shape.