Sekkisei White UV Gel spf50+ /PA++++

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Feels lightweight to apply, with no burden on skin. Protection from future dark spots while caring for your skin. Sunscreen beauty gel with coix seed complex.

Features :

- Feels so light to wear you’ll forget it’s even on. This sunscreen beauty gel cares for your skin while protecting its natural translucence.
- Balances: Contains coix seed complex, packed with the goodness of coix. It prevents rough skin, making it hydrated and smooth. Increases translucency: Rich in oriental herb extracts. It hydrates your skin, so the more you apply, the brighter and more translucent your skin will be.
- Comfortable: Contains smooth gel. It feels hydrating to apply, and leaves skin feeling smooth and silky. Protects from the external environment: Protects the skin from environmental damage (such as UV rays, dryness, and fine particles in the atmosphere), and prevents dark spots and freckles caused by sunburns.
- Base makeup effect: Makes skin smoother, improving the longevity of makeup such as foundation.
- Easy removal: Easily removable with regular facial or body cleanser.
- Gentle “modern floral” scent common to all SEKKISEI brand products.
- Suitable for face and body.