Dior Prestige Light In White Light In Creme

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Dior Prestige Light-In-White Crème is the 1st brightening creme with deep polishing action.

Dior has developped the DEEP GLOSS COMPLEX, a Dior innovation, that goes beyond the skin’s surface to combat the lack of sheen.


Dior DEEP GLOSS COMPLEX works with a triple action to:
- Act deep down to reinforce the skin's structure and prevent deep sagging
- Tighten pores on the skin’s surface
- Help to neutralise inflammation of deep seated sebaceous Glands

Dior Prestige Light-In-White Crème contains pearlisers for instant light activation with beautiful glossiness but no shine effect.
To maximise their efficacy, the Dior Institute has designed Gloss Petal™, an immaculate white applicator pad that’s heavenly to touch: its leather-like texture combines the effect and feel of the finest leather buff and the softness of a White Rose petal.