Spaoxy Dual Gel

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Carbonated masks (oxygenated masks) are cosmetic products with anti-aging properties that have incorporated the effects of carbonic acid, such as promoting blood circulation and boosting the skin’s metabolism. This gel contains a high concentration of carbon dioxide, and when applied to the skin, it works to address the causes of skin problems, and as a result, helps to restore the skin back to health and brings out a glowing firmness and lustre that comes from within.

New Release of the Convenient Push-type!

Adopting the specially selected formula of Dr.Medion’s No.1 popular “Spaoxy Gel”,this carbonated mask is in a bottle form that is easy for everyday use. Just with one pump and mixing the 2 types of gel together, freshly made carbonic acid is ready for use.Since the amount can be adjusted to your preference, you can also target areas of concern!


1. Take one push from the bottle and take an appropriate amount onto the palm.
2. Mix well on the palm till the gel turn into a white foam and apply on the area needed.
3. Leave on for approximately 10mins and then rinse off thoroughly.