Pore Deep Clearing Foam - All Skin Types<br />(160ml)


Pore Deep Clearing Foam - All Skin Types

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Product Benefits

Works into both micro bubbles that cleanses deep inside pores and larger bubbles that cleanses the surface. Leaves your skin clean and oil-free.

Morocco Clay (Ghassoul) works as micro scrubbing beads that purify skin and Clove extracts control sebum secretion to leave your pores clean.

Contains mild plant-based cleansing ingredients for gentle cleansing.

Pore Purifying Complex removes toxins and impurities that are around your pores and strengthens your defense system against pore-related troubles.

How to use

1. Release a quarter-sized amount onto your palm and work up a rich lather with a little bit of water. Then, massage onto your face and rinse off with lukewarm water.

2. Massage problematic areas with excess sebum secretion with extra care for better results.