Luxury De-Age Lifting Lotion EX V

Product ID: 57409

Our Special Price: S$96.00

About The Product

  • With our cell-activating V formula combing growth factors and plant-derived stem cells, this line of total anti-aging skincare products helps skin regenerate and repair itself to restore its natural beauty
  • By achieving fundamental lifting and making each cell plumper and suppler, this skin care series achieves the V smile, the clear sign of a youthful-looking face
  • Formulated with rice ferment filtrate which is a Japanese traditional technique
  • With high penetrating effect, it can penetrate the active ingredients into the skin deeply and enhance the moisturizing effect of the skin
  • In addition, the GF booster enhances the GF reaction on aging skin
  • Plant stem cells extracted and cultured from kernel fruit of Argan tree in Morocco can protect and revitalize “dermal stem cells” which is essential for skin suppleness and elasticity

How to Use

  • Apply in the morning and evening. After cleansing the face, dispense an appropriate amount (about 3cm) onto your hand and pad it gently over the entire face
  • Re-apply the same amount onto your hand and firmly envelop your face with your hands for 5 seconds until your skin absorbs the lotion completely


  • Last for about 1 month’s usage
  • Depends on the customer's usage