HFD (Freeze Dried Hyalurone,Elastin And Collagen)

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Hyalurone Elastin Collagen Extract 15mL.
Hyalurone Elastin Collagen Freeze Dry Powder×7 bottles

Highly-concentrated beauty serum lifts and firms the skin, providing swift relief from sagging skin. Contains retinol and plant extracts that swiftly make skin more radiant, as well as ingredients that aid the growth of naturally-occurring skin-care ingredients.

Directions :

1. Push the ”dropper cap” on the ”Hyalurone Elastin Collagen Extract”, pour it into the HFD.
2. Put the spare cap onto the HFD bottle. Mix the HFD and ”Hyalurone Elastin Collagen Extract“ together thoroughly.
3. Place the HFD lotion mixture on the palm of your hand, and then and then apply it over the face.