Sekkisei Essence Mask(RADIANCE BOOSTING MASK)(24ml)<br />(1sheet)


Sekkisei Essence Mask(RADIANCE BOOSTING MASK)(24ml)

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* 100% cotton mask soaked generously in whitening essence & herbal moisturizers promise intensive care - for a radiant and supple skin that seem to glow from within.
* Formulation of nutrient-balanced milky emulsion base, plus three kinds of water-soluble polymers synergize to prevent roughness and dehydration. Also inhibits melanin production and prevents sun-related spots and freckles.
* Essence-saturated mask embraces face to cool skin and richly hydrate UV-damaged keratin layer, giving you a clear vibrant complexion.

How to use

* After washing, remove mask from pouch and unfold it.
* Holding mask by the forehead portion with both hands, place over face so mask openings fits neatly over eyes and mouth. Ensure that forehead, cheeks , nostrils and the skin around the mouth are covered well.
* Adjust the slits of the mask so that it fits on curves and contours of face snugly.
* Leave mask on for 10 - 15 mins. After removing it, allow residue of essence to be absorbed into skin. Then condition skin with Sekkisei Lotion.
* Use once or twice a week.