Ever Bloom Perfumed Body Lotion <br />(200ml)


Ever Bloom Perfumed Body Lotion

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A light, fluid texture that moisturizes skin immediately and durably. Leaves the skin soft, supple and deliciously perfumed with musky floral fragrance all day.

Created in a unique Shiseido olfactory structure, Ever Bloom is a white musky floral fragrance that diffuses a radiant perfume, but envelops it.

A single drop of this delicate fragrance has the power to fill an entire room. Its fluid and light texture hydrates immediately and continuously giving rise to a soft, smooth and exquisitely perfumed skin.

Application mode:
-Use after shower or bath.
-Heat the product with the palms of the hands, bring them close to the nose and inspire deeply.
-Apply on the skin of the whole body performing a gentle massage until completely absorbed.