J'dore EDT Spray

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This luminous, fresh floral is a new, elegant and radiant interpretation of J’adore’s bouquet. An elongated version of the perfume’s precious amphora captures the precious notes of a sparkling bouquet, with the essences of ylang-ylang and Turkish rose underscored by notes of plum.

Fragrance Description
Floral Fruity Fresh A bouquet of floral and fresh emotions

Top Note
YLANG-YLANG FROM THE COMORO ISLANDS: Cultivated in the Comoro archipelago, ylang-ylang flowers are distilled fresh in water vapour to produce an essence which is frequently used in perfumery. Ylang-ylang harmonizes with a wide spectrum of floral notes, lending fullness, elegance and originality to the composition. Its bouquet of emotions is revealed in the top notes of Diorissimo, J’adore extract and J’adore eau de toilette.

Heart Note
DAMASCENA ROSE: Native to Turkey and Bulgaria, Damascena rose is used in the form of both essence and absolute. This mainstay of the perfumer’s palette can be found in the heart notes of Midnight Poison, J’adore extract and Eau de Dolce Vita.

Base Note
QUETSCHE: The quetsche is one of numerous varieties of plum. It is a sweet, fruity, velvety note with floral and liqueur-like accents. In J’adore eau de toilette, quetsche is a true bouquet of emotion.