Life Plankton Mask [OUTLET]

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Introducing LIFE PLANKTON™ MASK: The latest skin miracle from biotherm LIFE PLANKTON™ Mask concentrates Biotherm’s miracle ingredient at its full regenerative power obtained through our exclusive biotechnology fermentation process: Fermogenesis™. Feel like you have just left a spa session with our breakthrough hydrogel texture which infuses the healing powers of LIFE PLANKTON™ TESTED ON SENSITIVE SKIN

OUR SIGNATURE INGREDIENT AT ITS MOST POWERFUL A living force extracted: its regenerative power unlocked. Protected by 8 patents, LIFE PLANKTON™ has the ability to stimulate skin regeneration, soothe and protect the skin. Thanks to a unique patented method of bio-fermentation, FERMOGENESIS™, Biotherm biologists obtained LIFE PLANKTON™’s purest form in vitro while preserving its regenerative power.

How To Use:
APPLY ONCE OR TWICE A WEEK OVER FOUR WEEKS 1) Dip your fingers/brush in gel and spread the mask in a thin layer. Start with large stroking movements from the centre of the face and move outwards: - Across forehead - Nose to temples - Centre of the chin up to beneath the ears 2) Finish with upward movements on the neck