Orchid Enzyme Pack Set [OUTLET]

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Venus Collagen

Venus Collagen. Great radiance from the inside begins today! Reduce Wrinkles. Reduce fine lines. Reduce age spots and more!

Venus Collagen

Special treatment once a week, would want to touch skin
Soft smooth texture pack is easy to fill in the parts of the body, adheres to the skin and high impact.
And the amazingly your skin ends and packed the mildest meticulous over. I like to touch will be a moist and...

Orchid enzyme Pack
Is a decomposing enzyme scrub, gently drop the Pack.
Dull * eliminate, toned skin, revives a sense of transparency.
Will your, so you can feel the effect of enzymes of fresh cream and mask mix every time.
* Dull and dead skin cells become thicker as opaque and visible.

Effect of enzyme Pack 4 + 1
1 decided to bare skin over the innocent
To wet 2 fresh-looking complexion
To 3 plump and soft skin
4 clean, supple skin
+1 to the skin of your

Mix every time why?
You can't work with enzymes no moisture.
However, it lost its function over time enzyme containing water.
From the Hollywood cosmetics enzyme Pack every time you mix cream with enzymes (mask). You can feel the effects fresh at the moment you put on your skin is.

I like exclusive aesthetician
You can freely adjust the length of time fit the condition of your skin change with age, season, shape, such as the amount of masks and packs.

And the proportion of different masks, skin type Pack time indication
Skin type Sensitive skin Dry skin Normal skin. Oily skin
The amount of the mask 1 / 2 cup 1 cup 2 tablespoons 3 tablespoons
Pack time 3-4 minutes 5-6 pm 7-8 pm 10 minutes